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Why should you hire a photo editor?

Even the most talented photographers edit their photos. At its best, photo editing is the icing on the cake.

Who hires photo editors?

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    Ecommerce merchants

    The most important part of capturing product photos is the work that happens after they’re shot! Make your product pages stand out with crisp, beautiful images!

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    Photo studios

    Color correct and optimize your studio images; remove distracting objects, and add or remove people. Remove or change backgrounds.

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    Commercial photographers

    Make up for effects you couldn’t create during the shoot and enhance the beautiful features you did capture.

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    Book, magazine, catalog, newspaper and newsletter publishers demand images that stand out and tell the story.

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    Correct perspectives and optimize your interior and exterior photographs to show off your listings.

Caspari Design offers professional photo editing

With decades of experience as a photographer and expert Photoshop artist, Caspari design can handle all of your photo editing tasks. Clients typically include websites, educational institutions, small and medium-size businesses, non-profit organizations and, especially, ecommerce marketers.

Past projects, to name just a few, have included a Before and After representation of wall treatments for a prominent painting company, editing wedding photos, and creating and updating digital screens on photos of devices manufactured by a medical equipment company.




My client, who wished to prepare a Before and After presentation for his client of this mansion on Summit Avenue in St. Paul, requested that I edit the room wall panels in the original photo to show how the panels would look after applying their proposed color scheme.

Samples from recent projects